self portrait Victoria DaloolVictoria offers healing drawings and spirit portraits for animals and for people. Through the act of drawing she accesses and transmits positive spiritual light energy to restore innate natural balance and support personal growth. Each “Art on a Wing” piece is a unique work of art that beautifully expresses the subject’s divine nature.

Her logo contains the vital aspects that Victoria always draws on as she attunes to her gifts and guidance while doing this work. She explains that the heart contains the love light energy infused into every healing session and drawing. The starburst symbolizes both the soul's light energy and the higher self, which are channeled into areas of need or desired enhancement. The wings represent the angelic realm, offering movement, strength and protection. Victoria herself receives immense guidance from her angelic guides, who assist her with her inner vision and drawing process.

Art for the body, heart and soul

Victoria works from photos of her clients, and her drawings require several sessions and many hours to complete. Each finished work is a masterpiece filled with light, high vibration and magic. They are highly suitable for framing and make beautiful gifts for oneself and others.

Greeting Cards of Light and Magic

Victoria also produces an award-winning line of unique greeting cards with themes of Angels, Animals, Celestial Bodies, Myths and Magic, and Holidays and Special Occasions. These high quality prints of Victoria's original drawings offer the same light, healing and magical energies as her custom art work. Each card features a beautiful cut Swarovski crystal, is hand signed and dated by Victoria, and comes double matted, ready for framing.