My work represented on this website is the culmination of a number of my lifelong interests and natural abilities. I have always been highly intuitive, creative, and artistic and been drawn to work with light, color, and energy. A lifelong lover of all kinds of animals, I have been involved in animal rescue work for many years.

I was fortunate to meet one of my spirit guides at a very early age. Because of this, I have felt very protected and safe during all of my many life adventures. Through him I have learned a lot about the angels that surround all of us and I feel very familiar with their energies and comfortable in their presence.

Following this initial introduction I became very interested in the spirit world. When I began reading tarot cards in high school, I found I could also see other peoples' guides and share this information with them.

The vibrations, colors and feel of different crystals fascinates me and I enjoy exploring how their energies affect us. In 1995 I began learning about energy and light work through an organization called Star Path. Through that training, I developed skills in using colors, crystals and candles to increase my awareness of the light energy that is around us.

In college I switched from a commercial art major to special education when a part-time job showed me I loved working with special needs children. While simultaneously working as a teacher of autistic students and a “foster mom” for pre-weaned abandoned animals, I often took kittens, puppies, opossums, and birds to my classroom to provide for their special needs during the day, and also to involve my students in their care when possible.

I was seeking a new way to help one of my own beloved animals who has chronic health challenges when I discovered my ability to channel healing energies through art. I was drawing him while being mentally focused on the problem areas he was experiencing, and was totally surprised to observe an immediate improvement in his comfort and energy levels.

Upon noticing this effect, I experimented with friends’ animals, and then with the animals of healers who had worked with my animal family. These trials produced similar results, with everyone reporting significantly positive effects their animals' well being. With this surprising realization of my gifts, Art on a Wing was born. More recently I started extending my efforts to humans, who have received similar benefits.

I was born, raised, and still reside in southern California. My family of dogs, cats and birds includes rescues who could not be placed for various reasons. In addition to the love we share, we serve and inspire one other as teachers and guides on our spiritual journeys.

As I continue to learn and incorporate new tools into my bag of magical tricks, I am pleased to find the world of spirit accessible for healing, and grateful for my ability to help others.