Connecting with Guides and Helpers

The Spirit Portraits contain the guides, angels, ancestors and living forces of nature that Victoria visualizes around her clients. Tuning into the light energy from other realms that surrounds them and drawing what she sees translates her higher awareness on to paper.

These portraits allow clients to be more aware of the spiritual beings and elements available to them. Tuning into their drawing can greatly support their ability to contact and work with their guides and other subtle forces more effectively.

Manifesting Dreams and Desires

Victoria can also incorporate clients’ interests, hobbies, avocations, dreams and desires into their drawings. This serves to attract and channel positive universal energy that supports greater creativity, ease and success in these areas of their lives.

Enhancing Awareness and Inner Wisdom

All of these spirit portraits concentrate and direct higher spiritual energies toward the client, drawing them into their energy field and conscious awareness. They are powerful works for meditation and connecting with one’s inner wisdom. They are also useful adjuncts to journaling, dream work and ceremony.

If you would like Victoria to create a personalized spirit portrait for you, click on the paypal link below. $125 USD plus shipping.